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About Zombie Doctor

At the end of 2017, Zombie Doctor was a smash hit on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. It exceeded funding expectations and hundreds of backers helped bring the game to life.

In May 2018, the card game was delivered to backers and made available to retailers. Zombie Doctor has been enjoyed all over the world and many people have helped and hindered friends and families.

The game is a perfect blend of luck and strategy. It's fairly easy to learn, but you will be faced with challenging situations and you'll need to make some tough decisions to survive!

Zombie Doctor is best described as a light-hearted horror card game. It was designed by pulling elements from horror films and comics from the 80s. 


It's a great party game, especially at Halloween, or a nice filler game if you have a spare 30 minutes with family or friends.


The game is now available on Amazon.

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About Gimme Games

Gimme Games was created by Colin Hutton to coincide with the release of Zombie Doctor.


Gimme Games is a tabletop game publisher, specialising in unique card and board games. We are keen to push the boundaries of board games and develop innovative concepts. Every game released by us will bring new ideas to the table, and every game played will be an experience worth sharing.

If you would like to chat about Zombie Doctor or future releases, please contact us.