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How To Play Zombie Doctor

Here are the basics on how to play Zombie Doctor. It doesn't take long to learn the rules, but you will need to learn how to adapt to ever-changing situations and when's the best time to heal yourself or hurt others!

1. Choose a character

Zombie Doctor Characters-01-01-01.jpg
Zombie Doctor Card Selection-01.jpg

2. Take three pain or gain cards

3. Take turns to use one of your
pain or gain cards

(cards can only be used once and replaced with a new pain or gain card)

Zombie Doctor Game Layout-01-min.jpg

4. The cards will have an impact on
body parts

5. Turning body parts over will reveal
the zombie version of them


6. Try to stall the zombie infection from
spreading through your body for
as long as possible

7. It's game over for you if the infection reaches your head!



8. The winner is the last survivor!

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